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My gf has tiny breasts, so does not turn me personally on

My gf has tiny breasts, so does not turn me personally on


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I’m concerned with the real part of my relationship with my female partner. It comes down to the actual fact on simply because she has almost non-existent breasts that she does not turn me. I really do react to breasts; they turn me in.

Should my otherwise happy relationship flounder due to two lumps on a female’s body or may I discover a way of coping with this aside from finding a partner that is new?

Personally I think that within my age i ought to have the ability to be much more grown up concerning this but try not to understand how to be.

Exactly What disturbs me personally about any of it is the means it generates me feel. I see big-breasted ladies in the road and discover myself nearly leering at them and I also wouldn’t like to end up like that.

How do I be rid of the obsession and figure out how to appreciate my partner more with no distraction of wanting one thing we cannot have, at the very least in my current relationship. Are you able to change an individual’s frame of mind since it is in areas or are our desires that are physical of this.

I am hoping you might help in the interests of my relationship.


David writes:

Men are programmed to like breasts quite definitely certainly. In reality, plenty of dudes merely would not head out by having a woman that is flat-chested. a fact that is cruel but real.

That you- as a male who is quite obsessed with mammaries – should have formed a partnership with a woman who has virtually no breasts so I am surprised.

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